Ready to #VoteForYourHealth?

Your civic health is just as important as your physical and mental health. That’s why Civic Health Month is launching an healthy voter check-up that everyone can complete.

Simply take the three steps below!

Step 1

Your vote is your voice! If you’ve already registered to vote, check that you’re registered at your current address.

Step 2

By requesting your mail-in ballot, you’ll give yourself the flexibility to vote safely this year.

This step isn’t just for your safety. It also protects others during the pandemic.

Step 3

We’re only as healthy as the people around us. Download a template below to spread the word on social media.

Remember to tag @civichealthmonth and use the hashtag #voteforyourhealth

Don’t forget your follow-up appointment!

Follow @civichealthmonth on social media to learn more about civic health, and why it’s so important. It’s also where we’ll send out your follow-up appointment in October, with steps to take to make sure your civic health is in top notch condition right before the general election.

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