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Here’s what it means to be a Civic Health Month Partner: 

Civic Health Month is a celebration of civic engagement and health. We invite you to join our growing team of partners in this celebration.

If you are a hospital, we ask that you take these actions: 

If you are a provider association, we ask that you take these actions

  • Send an Email Blast and Social Media Post announcing Civic Health Month to your members during the first week in August, using templates that we will provide
  • Invite your members to add the Safe Voting Email Signature until election day
  • Encourage your members to sign up for Healthy Democracy Kits 
  • Encourage your members to register to vote by posting a VotER Digital voter registration link on your home page

If you are a voter access organization, we ask that you take these actions

  • Support: Use your networks to promote and expand awareness of Civic Health Month  
  • Provide expertise: We are in this voter registration effort together. We want to share best practices to help us all make the most of our voter registration efforts 
  • Share connections: We are seeking to build a big tent and welcome connections across the healthcare provider and voter registration landscape
  • Co-create a calendar: Thousands of health care providers across the country and dozens of hospitals will be tuned into the calendar of events for civic health month. Do you have an idea for a civic engagement themed action healthcare providers can take? Let’s partner and feature your organization.

If you are an individual provider, click here

If you don’t fit neatly into the groups above…

  • Contact us. We can find unique ways to work together!

Additionally, consider these actions to deepen your engagement: 

  • Send pre-drafted text message reminders created by Civic Health Month staff to your patients to encourage them to register
  • Recruit more partner organizations to Civic Health Month
  • Amplify our reach via your social media platforms 
  • Assign an executive champion to be your organization’s public face of Civic Health Month
  • Consider donating Healthy Democracy Kits for health care providers across the country 

“We’re trying to bring resources to patients, both medical and non-medical, so that we can help our communities be healthier.” 

– Dr. Elizabeth Datner, Chair of Department of Emergency Medicine, Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia

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We’ll keep you up to date on the latest with weekly emails in August containing provider stories, voter registration tips, event announcements, and more!

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