Social Worker Toolkit

Social workers: It’s time to mobilize your clients and communities to vote! 

Civic Health Month is committed to improving the civic health of the people we work with, especially underrepresented and marginalized populations. Did you know that when asked why they had not registered to vote, more than 60% of eligible voting-age adults said they had never been offered the chance to register? Yes, no one even asked them if they were eligible to vote! Good news: You have the power to change that! 

We’ve assembled a toolkit you can use to post about Civic Health Month and voter recruitment and engagement that is specifically tailored to social workers. Simply download the pertinent images and copy and paste the corresponding captions to each social media platform you use: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Remember to tag your social work friends and colleagues. Across all platforms use the hashtags #votingissocialwork and #voteforyourhealth

You are free to use and edit these posts after Civic Health Month to promote voting recruitment and engagement leading up to the general election.

Now go and vote like our health depends on it! 

Downloadable Posts and Suggested Captions

Caption: Social Workers: We wanted to answer some of your FAQs about VotER and our Healthy Democracy Kits! Swipe to see & visit and to learn more

Caption: Social Workers: It is more important than ever to make sure your community is doing their part in civic engagement. Help your community by following these two steps: registering to vote & requesting mail in ballots.

Caption: Get ready #SocialWorkers for @CivicHealthMon! Advocate for your community by helping them to register to vote!

Caption: Social Workers, participate in civic health month by helping your community register to vote! Learn more at

Caption: Social Workers, it all starts by getting your community registered to vote! Vote for better representation in your healthcare and social service systems. Learn more at

Caption: Social Workers, did you know helping people register to vote is a key way to demonstrate the core values of social workers? Help advocate for your community by registering them to vote and letting them know their vote matters!

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