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Featuring Med Out The Vote, Patient Voting and VotER! Civic Health Month is so incredibly honored to count each of these organizations as partners

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“VotER is part of a larger movement that pushes medical professionals to address the underlying social conditions — such as hunger, drug addiction and homelessness — that make their patients sick in the first place. At its core, it amounts to nothing less than an effort to change the culture of medicine by getting doctors and nurses to view the “civic health” of their patients as part of their professional duties.”

“On May 13th, nearly 10,000 Wisconsin residents received a text message prompting them to register to vote. It was perhaps an unsurprising text for an election year, but it came from the most surprising of sources: their healthcare provider. The initiative is part of a growing movement among healthcare providers to use digital outreach and their unique platform to empower their patients to register to vote.”

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“We helped launch a national campaign, setting our sights on August as an opportunity to focus national attention on the overlap between health care and civic engagement. Following the example of National Voter Registration Day, we are partnering with a range of organizations to celebrate the inaugural Civic Health Month this August.”

-Alister Martin & Aliya Bhatia

Need a physical exam? How about registering to vote while you’re at it? Milwaukee clinics join program to boost voting

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“Munn said the overall project reinforced her understanding of the larger, national “Voting is Social Work” campaign – a social work voter mobilization campaign that works to integrate nonpartisan voter engagement into social work education and practice.”

“This project really showcased that voting itself is social work,” Munn said. “Everyone has a voice. Everyone has the right to influence change, and everyone has a right to be heard via the ballot box.

Civic Health Month Press Release available here

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