September 22 is National Voter Registration Day

Get Vote Ready

Spread the word on social media with our NVRD toolkit for healthcare providers

Voter Registration Tips

Check out VotER founder Dr. Alister Martin talking about…

  1. Scripts and conversation prompts for bringing up voter registration with patients:

2. The Anatomy of a Healthy Democracy Kit

For the full Healthy Democracy Kit Webinar, including information about VotER’s state competition and ideas for digital and physical usage of the kits— click here

Check out our partners Turbovote and VoteRiders talking about the VotER voter registration platform and resources to help patients navigate Voter ID laws

Webinar Recordings

August 3, 2020 Kickoff Healthy Democracy Kit Webinar: Watch the recording here

August 5, 2020 “From Patients to Voters: Civic Engagement in Healthcare” hosted by Harvard Ash Center: Watch the recording here

August 5, 2020 Medical Student Panel: Watch the recording here

August 7, 2020 Physician Panel: Watch the recording here

August 7, 2020 Social Worker Panel: Watch the recording here

August 10, 2020 ACU x VotER Healthy Democracy Kit Webinar: Watch the recording here

August 20, 2020 Your Registration and Voter ID Questions Answered: TurboVote and VoteRiders: Watch the recording here

Healthy Voting Guides has the latest location-specific information on healthy voting options for all 50 states, DC and voting territories. It is updated in real time as jurisdictions complete primaries and finalize election rules. It’s compiled by major public health and civic organizations and legal updates are based on research from staff and volunteer lawyers with our partner We Can Vote.

The site prioritizes information about mail voting as long as voters can reasonably meet mail ballot request and return deadlines. If and when those windows close, the site prioritizes early voting and voting in-person.

Each state page also offers a foldable .pdf printout of a pocket voter guide that automatically updates along with the main site.

Mental Health

Civic Health Month has teamed up with Growga, an evidence-based program focused on making approachable mindfulness accessible. They’re donating 3 Growga Breaks this month to the Healthy Democracy Kit users working every day to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and get out the vote.

Check out the first 10 minute meditation here.

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