How to Share Your Check-Up On Instagram

1. Download our Instagram story templates

Our checklists help you 1) make sure you completed your three steps and 2) share your completion with friends. Simply download any one of these templates:

Want to provide some context? Try out some of the graphics below. This is also a chance to talk about why voting and civic engagement matters to you, or you can share the @civichealthmonth page for more information.

2. Remember to tag your 3 people and @civichealthmonth in your post

Here’s a video showing the process. We encourage you to get creative. If your account is on private, you can screenshot your story and DM it to @civichealthmonth so we can share your participation with other healthy voters.

Pro Tip: temporarily change your bio link to so it’s easy for your friends and family to access! The link will also always be on the @civichealthmonth page.

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